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  1. Invader

    Invader Member

    What's the policy on posting teen celebrities?
  2. NOS911

    NOS911 Global Moderator Staff Member

    I tend to think its ok as long as they are over 13 and there is no nudity/partial nudity or provocative posing involved, for a definitive answer its best to ask modelshrek so drop him a PM.
  3. Invader

    Invader Member

    Is it ok if I call the thread Celebrity JB?
    It's supposed to be tongue in check, but if it is deemed inappropriate, I will think of something else.

    1st celebrity will be Bella Thorne.

  4. Invader

    Invader Member

    All Bella Thorne videos (x7 800mb) and photos (x9) uploaded.

    Nice little collection I think.

    Emma Watson will be next , once BT thread is active.

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