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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by TheNar, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. TheNar

    TheNar Member

    has anyone seen any of her sets on teen marvel and/or her set and vid on marvel charm?

    i am really shocked to see her on those sites, they clearly want nude models . especially former nn junior

    models to pose nude. she always seemed so modest even for a nn model. the teaser for the vid has her in a

    thong and squeezing her boobs. if anyone has seen them would you give me a review? thanks
  2. Sheester

    Sheester Member

    If you're a Kayley fan, each set is worth every penny and then some. But if you're looking for nude, or even slips/peeks, you won't find it. It will take awhile if she ever gets that brave... in the first vid she is literally trembling she's so nervous, which might be the sexiest thing I've ever seen!
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  3. TheNar

    TheNar Member

    thank you sir

    the trembling ive never seen her on video but she looks shy and timid in her photos. i wonder how she hooked up with these sites since they both are nude sites. im sure they are trying to get alice and sarah to drop the hand bras
  4. manuello

    manuello Member

    so does anyone have it?
  5. oopsalot

    oopsalot Member

    Just released a christmas set on TM where she does Handbra. So slips or anything but its her most reveling I have seen of her. Still looked super nervoud but hopefully it continues in this direction.
  6. TheNar

    TheNar Member

    her sweet queen video has been making the rounds not sure if ive seen it here though
  7. Sheester

    Sheester Member

    The latest release on MC is an Alice-Sarah bundle but also has a "special preview" in it. The last time they teased a preview like that, it turned out to be Kayley. Does anyone know who they're teasing this time?
  8. elrob

    elrob Member

    the preview is both girls topless but very censored. just a preview of what to come from both.
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  9. TheNar

    TheNar Member

    kayley has moved to hand bra and with those magnificent boobs it must take Homeric efforts to hold them back. ive just seen the preview vid on the website. i havent seen it posted anywhere neither have i seen the sarah and alice topless sets and vids anywhere

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