Sweet Krissy (Zip Sets)

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by SolomonGremlin, Nov 14, 2018.

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    Does anyone have her older Zip Sets for crying out loud and willing to upload?!

    Zip Set 6 - Zip Set 6 - Purple Toy & O-Face Zip Set
    Zip Set 7 - The Shower
    Zip Set 9 - Bathtub Zip Set
    Zip Set 10 - Poolside Fun
    Zip Set 11 - Hot Pink Masturbation
    Zip Set 12 - Krissy Fucks Serena
    Zip Set 13 - Krissy with Baby Oil & Toy
    Zip Set 15 - Krissy Cums with Trista

    Zip Set 16 - Pink Vibrator
    Zip Set 17 - Cumming On Cam

    Zip Set 19 - Fingering Myself
    Zip Set 20 - Pearls
    Zip Set 21 - Pink Fishnets & Big Toy
    Zip Set 22 - Naughty School Girl
    Zip Set 25 - Krissy cums twice thanks to the magic wand

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    Hi Solomon. I'll be uploading the rest of the zipsets shortly, however zipset #24 (Up Close & Personal) will not be in HD as I only have a lower definition M4V version of it. I've noticed that you haven't listed it in your request above. Is that because you already have it, and if so is it the HD version (wmv)? If so, any chance you could upload it to a separate thread?
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