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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by gss213, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. gss213

    gss213 New Member

    Here’s the deal:

    Over the weekend, I tried purchasing a bundle off the TeenMarvel site. My cc transaction went through, but I never received a follow-up with download links. Then I got an email from support, telling me the charge was reversed and I had been refunded my payment.

    I tried a second time, with the same result. All inquiries to the site about why my payments have been refunded have gone unanswered.

    Can any of you shed some light on this situation?
  2. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    No, I can not. It may be your location?

    Site managment there should get back to you, they do a good job
  3. gregkn

    gregkn Member

    I hope this is okay to do, but you might get some help at vi--------.to. don't want to post the link in case it's against the rules, but there you should search teenmarvel and you will find a big chat thread.....TM and MC often answer questions like this....go to the last page of thread.

    hope this helps.
  4. gss213

    gss213 New Member

    I finally heard back from the TeenMarvel people. The items I was trying to purchase are not available to “new customers.” No such labels exist on any product anywhere on the site, nor is there any explanation of how one goes from being a “new customer” to an established one.

    This seems to be an odd way to run a business. If you have a product and someone wants to give you money for that product, you take the money, say thank you, and encourage him or her to buy something else.
  5. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    It's not unheard of for products to be limited to repeat or loyal customers, but they should be advertised as such. They ended up wasting their time and yours and unnecessarily created a bad customer experience. I've had problems with their service in terms of delays receiving what I ordered (days) and bad download links. They were good about responding to my emails and quickly resolved the problem, but, again, these are unnecessary problems. Maybe the problem is simply with poor website design and management, but they need to get a handle on it. I'm happy with their content, but I probably won't order from them again as a result of the repeat problems I've had.
  6. gss213

    gss213 New Member

    I received a second email, prompted by this thread (the rep actually said that in the email), that attempted to clear up the confusion. Apparently, because I hadn’t purchased anything from the site before, my attempt to purchase “recent content” (emphasis mine) set off some alarm bells as a possible fraud or piracy issue.

    He or she actually typed the words “we don’t get new customers often.” Let that sink in. Presumably, TeenMarvel is a for-profit venture. If your customer base isn’t growing, neither are your profits. So I’m at a genuine loss to understand why making it harder for new customers to become repeat customers is standard practice.

    The best part of this latest clarification was the condescending final line: “Sorry for any issues, you are free to contact us later to see if it will be available.” Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that.
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  7. caredub

    caredub Member

    Thanks for the info guys, tried to buy a set, all i got was a refund with no explanation. Was wondering what the hell was going on, I emailed them with no response
  8. Prelude97

    Prelude97 Member

    They did the same bullshit with me. I tried to buy 3 videos. Waited 24 hours, CC was charged, sent them an Email. 12 hours later they emailed me back and said they refunded me back because I was a new customer. Nothing is said about this on their website, They happily take your money, but I HAVE to reach out to them to ask them whats going on?

    Super unprofessional. So honestly, They don't need my Business. Fuck'em. I tired. I don't feel that bad for them if people "Borrow" Their Material.
  9. harmonic77

    harmonic77 Member

    I had the same issue even though the website says something to the effect of we believe customers should be able to buy the sets they want and not the ones they don't. I literally asked them how many sets "I don't want" do I have to buy before I could buy the ones I did.... no real answer ... bush league... My only guess is that they want to limit piracy and feel more loyal customers who buy the lame shit would be less likely to upload the good shit once they have spent all that $$$$ ..
  10. danzigfan

    danzigfan Member

    Katrina has a new video out and I just tried to buy it, but kept getting an error message. Unfortunately, her videos on that site are nowhere to be found.
  11. gss213

    gss213 New Member

    Let me say right up front that I’m not accusing the TeenMarvel owners of any criminal activity. With that disclaimer out of the way...

    I decided to take another shot at buying some content, only because Petra is devastatingly sexy and I wanted to see if she did in the video what was implied in the preview. Just as before, the transaction went through, I received no download instructions, and the charge was reversed.

    Later that night, nearly 30 unauthorized transactions showed up on my CC, all to the same vendor, purchasing what my bank later determined to be prepaid wireless phone airtime cards. The total amount I was defrauded totaled over $600.

    Again, I have zero proof that the TeenMarvel owners were behind this and I’m not implying they were. It’s possible their billing system was compromised without them knowing it and it’s possible that my information was obtained elsewhere and it was just a coincidence that the charges occurred within hours of the aborted TeenMarvel transaction.

    In sum, be very cautious in doing any further business with the site.
  12. NOS911

    NOS911 Global Moderator Staff Member

    I've bought a fair few sets from TeenMarvel and never had any issues at all with unauthorised activity on my card, its possible that your aborted transaction was due to suspected fraudulent activity which caused your bank to decline the purchase.
    If you use a VPN that could also explain the aborted transaction with TeenMarvel and could also be the source of the other activity on your card.
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  13. wdat

    wdat New Member

    Does anyone know which models on teenmarvel were formally on NewStar and Tinymodel?

  14. Ron

    Ron Member

    I never had problem with TeenMarvel. I even bought two videos last week (one from TeenMarvel and other from ***********) - smooth and safe.
    It seems to me that your problem had nothing to do with TeenMarvel - it was just an unhappy coincidence.
  15. danzigfan

    danzigfan Member

    I got that Katrina video and it wasn't worth it. You see her topless for maybe five seconds at the end.
  16. Bobbob

    Bobbob New Member

    Does anyone know if these sites ever offer customs or unpublished sets for purchase?
  17. suppoon420

    suppoon420 Member

    As far as I know, they do not, nor have I ever heard rumours of it existing. I don't think it would be in TM's best interests to have them, honestly.
  18. lucius_

    lucius_ New Member

    Yup, same happened to me. Luckily my bank has an automatic system in place to detect potential fraudulent activity and my card was deactivated. You are definitely taking a risk when buying from their site.
  19. caredub

    caredub Member

    Same thing here. caught it on time tho, seems there might be a pattern.
    To bad the content they shoot is pretty damn good. right up my alley :(
  20. gerpu

    gerpu Member

    Same with me on Mar--velCha..rm . They sent me order conf. and notice that I must wait 24 hours. After one day nothing in my mailbox and when I asked them- whats wrong -answer was 'card is not valid'

    - and this is one big unprofesional bullshit. Sadly.

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