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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by calendo, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. calendo

    calendo Member

    any chance to re-up the last two custom vids on the Teen Starlet thread? Kalien and Sofia. Much appreciated.
  2. Steffan78

    Steffan78 New Member

    And possibly not password protected....thanks
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    LKFOOD Member

    Where did these customs come from anyway? They're just showing up now?
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  4. mhenessi

    mhenessi Member

    Missed these as well. Any Sofia uploads would be greatly appreciated! (k2s preferred)
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  5. phjones16

    phjones16 Member

    OMG, please reup these customs! Does this mean we might get an unedited version of Sofia's goddess video, or the missing Erica set one day?
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  6. sk8975

    sk8975 Member

    What is the password for the Kaelin Black Teddy Custom video zip?

    LKFOOD Member

    So it looks like the Sofia video was from her first photoshoot with Teenstarlet. Were these for early backers or something? Or would they have always made a custom video for you if you had the cash? I'm sad if I missed out on the chance for my own custom video from Sofia in her prime.
  8. Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson New Member

    Where are the customs? And can someone please explain why the site only has like two videos for each model?
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  9. ptagg

    ptagg Member

    i would love to see this
  10. anilorac

    anilorac Member

    They were always open to custom videos, but I don't know if every model did them. I contacted the site owner and almost bought a custom, but decided the restrictions on what they would do in the video made it not worth the cost.

    How do you know this was Sofia's first shoot?
  11. qwerty42

    qwerty42 Member

    how much did they charge?

    did Amanda Verona do any?
  12. anilorac

    anilorac Member

    I think it was going to cost something like $400, but I'm not sure because it was years ago. I don't know if Amanda Verona was available for customs. I only asked about Kelsey and Kaelin.
  13. LKFOOD

    LKFOOD Member

    Maybe not her very first, but probably pretty close. Her hair got darker as she went. It was that reddish color in her earliest sets, then brown, and then black in her last sets. What kind of restrictions did they have? Sofia and Kaelin looked like they went pretty far in the custom vids that leaked.
  14. markh

    markh Member

    any screen caps or links to these customs?
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  15. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

  16. macsavant

    macsavant Member

  17. LKFOOD

    LKFOOD Member

    Talking about Teenstarlet videos, I've seen little intro videos from Cali, Maya, and Kris. Brief little interviews where they talk about themselves? Did the other models have these, and if so, are they still around?

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