To all members in the TS-Section / Ignore if not applicable

Discussion in 'Rules & Site News' started by modelshrek2012, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. modelshrek2012

    modelshrek2012 The Godfather of Models Staff Member

    Mass posting is something we don't like to see on KK. However, recently more and more posters ignored the rules and have started to post big threads of unrelated stuff.

    1. Read the rules (stuck on section page 1)
    2. Fix your posts until Tuesday
    Posts that have not been fixed until then will be deleted.

  2. HELLO ... "42" AND "modelshrek2012" .. I DONT HAVE THIS "???" ... THE BEST REGARDS ... (Y)
  3. ccczz

    ccczz Member

    Yes, I understood my mistake. I apologize.
  4. Jasontim

    Jasontim New Member

    I understand the rules but I don't understand the zip drives parts that's why I'm not posting
  5. Hotcollection

    Hotcollection Member

    i didn't send any topic and post in shemale section
  6. tio22

    tio22 Member

    What posts .

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