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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by dt1982, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. dt1982

    dt1982 New Member

    Does anyone here have the below sets from this brilliant site? The ones below I have come across from sites like hottystop however the full sets do not seem to be anywhere, so have either been removed or lost. Massive thanks if anyone can help -
    Lora [​IMG]
    Sabrina [​IMG]
    Vicky [​IMG]
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  2. dt1982

    dt1982 New Member

    Still looking for these.
    There were a couple of other sets of Sabrina as well that I don't have if anyone can help.
  3. Benproddy123

    Benproddy123 New Member

    Hello there i see you was looking for the missing scherelle sets in other posts. Did you find them? Ive been looking for them for a while and cant seem to find them
  4. dt1982

    dt1982 New Member

    Never found the Scherelle sets, nor the ones above.
  5. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    I have two Scherelle sets: Scherelle 1_2400highres.11011 and Scherelle 1_2400highres.11015. Might these be the ones you're looking for or are there additional sets?

    I also just realized I have two Scherelle videos.
  6. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    Do you know for sure that these were the exact names/spellings of the girls? Another potential issue is that this site doesn't always list the girls' names in the file names of the zip file. I feel like I've seen these girls, but I don't have any sets that have these names in the zip file name. Your sample image for Sabrina shows a five digit number(14036) that is similar to what is used in every zip file name, but I don't have any with that number.
  7. dt1982

    dt1982 New Member

    Vicky was, I believe, one of the first girls to pose for the site. (spelling may be vicki or vikki)
    Lora was quite a long time ago as well, but I don't know how long her pics were up for. She did 2 sets.
    Sabrina did a video on some steps, then about 4 sets, but I'm not sure if all were released to the main site. They were not up for very long either.
    There was another girl called Sherelle that did a few sets, I think one was in Union Jack Bikini. I'm looking for the ones of the other Sherelle that was with the "Surrey Girls" sets if you have any of these.
  8. Benproddy123

    Benproddy123 New Member

    No the sets in particular are 11121 and 11122 what are part of the surrey girls sets.

    The girls name is scherelle. I have one picture but cant find the others for the set.

    If i find some from these other sets ill let you know
  9. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    Ok, I have the Surrey sets in the range 11118 through 11124 BUT excluding those two sets. So, I've got nothing different than anyone else. Which one of them is Scherelle? Can you post the photo?
  10. bigglesto

    bigglesto Member

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Derek (UGIFI main photographer) split from the website for unknown reasons and published a few extra photos of her on his Twitter page. Maybe someone would join his OnlyFans site and ask for some more photos.
  11. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Kayleigh was hot also.
  12. Jaybobby

    Jaybobby New Member

    I joined onlyfans and messaged derek, i also joined UGIFI originally to view these exact galleries, but i was met with the same response, that the models had asked them to be removed. If anyone has any more from the infamous 11121 and 11122 please let us know.
  13. 123Feed

    123Feed New Member

    Hi, can anyone hook me up with the videos?

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