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    Hi, welcome members,

    there has been a discussion about infected posts on KK. We value our members and do everything to make sure we don't spread malware.
    However, we have millions of links on our site, and some may cause problems.

    1.) Was KK ever infected with malware ?

    Yes, 2 years ago, when this board was still running the vBulletin software, attackers injeted code into the database that forwarded visitors to other servers that hosted malware. Usually, we identified these infections within
    15 minutes and removed them. VBulletin, the former gold standard for board software, showed severe vulnerabilities, so we had to migrate the board to XENFORO, which we use until today.

    2.) My PC got infected while surfing KK. What the hell?

    Visiting KK means getting content from hundred of sources. If you open a page, you may see a preview that is hosted with an image host. If you click on it, you may also get some adds that the iamgehost included,
    but which are neither hosted on their servers, nor ours. After an hour, you may find more then 100 different IP's you contacted while seemingly only visiting KK.

    3.) What does KK do protect you ?

    KK does not make money from advertising. We could cover a significant part of our costs with that, but they are not only annoying, they are a permanent source of infections.
    That's why we ask our users to buy preferred filehost accounts instead. This is a safe way to fund the site - for both KK and our members. We block image hosts that spread virusses until they have fixed their problem,
    and we inform them about their problems. Keep in mind that the site that spreads virusses often is a victim of attacks itself.

    4.) What can You do to protect yourself ?

    Obviously, surfing without virus protection and popup blocker is like fucking in a hospital for sexually transmitted deseases. We do not recommend a specific anti virus program, each have weaknesses and strengths.
    Inform us pleases as soon as you find a source of infections so we can do our part to fix that issue.

    The Shoutbox on page 1 is not the proper place to report problems!

    If you have more questions, please contact a moderator.
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  2. Thanks for that needed post Fourtytwo. I've been having issues with bytewhale after recently buying an account with them. Wheeler I try to download something from their site,I get a message saying thier certificate is not valid or up to date. I can't download anything at all. Is there a way to resolve this problem?
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    installed antivirus! be not up to me.
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    Bytewhale is no longer preferred host. The "expired certificate" warning is caused because they do not manage their servers anymore. Time to go for us.

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