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    It is YOUR responsibility to read, understand and follow this guide, and generally to behave like a reasonable human being. If you have a problem, then ask for help! You can PM Dwight_K_Schrute with any questions/concerns by clicking HERE!


    1. Requests of any sort are prohibited in this section. If you wish to make a request then please consult the rules for doing so HERE and know what you can/cannot request based on certain criteria.

    This rule will be enforced strictly and an infraction will be issued every time. Keep in mind two (2) infractions for requesting outside the Internet Model Discussion & Requests will result in a 10 day ban.

    2. The re-posting of other regular posters' original content is frowned upon. This is disrespectful to the original poster and makes them less likely to continue providing quality posts for everyone. If you are unsure then at the very least leave a tag in the post. Any violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Mass re-posting from sites like CGV, CDDL, etc. will be removed.

    Many active posters are more than willing to help out with a re-up if you send a friendly PM. Please do not harass them though.

    3. Please use the Report Button if you notice any posts that do not follow the forum or section rules (e.g. requests, not using a preferred host, etc.). It helps immensely. Please try and refrain from micro-modding as it can add to the clutter in threads. Intentions are appreciated, but regardless.

    4. Don't use the Code Tag in your posts. Links must be clickable. (General Forum rule)

    5. Model bashing offends the girls, discourages posters, and generally causes arguments and aggro, so we'll have none of it! There is a vast difference between tasteless comments and constructive criticism!

    6. Try and stick to one thread to host all your content. It reduces clutter and allows you to showcase your material better.

    7. For your thread to remain in the Webcam Girls section you must include the name of the models your post typed into every post without any sort of obfuscating (no numbers/symbols replacing letters, spacing between letters, etc.) (e.g. Jasmine = good, J@$m1n3 or J a s m I n e = bad). Threads that do not comply with this will be moved to the Amateur Webcam section

    8. Users should limit the number of videos per post to no more then 35-40.

    For now the above rules should serve to keep the Webcam Girls section running smoothly provided everyone adheres to them.

    The above rules are also subject to change as required so please be sure to check them in a noted change has been made.

    Thank you.

    April 14th, 2014
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  2. Dwight_K_Schrute

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    Re: Webcam Girls: Section Rules

    Rules updated.
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  3. KapnKrunch

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    Re: Webcam Girls: Section Rules

    After careful consideration, DKS and I have agreed to modify rule #8.

    The previous limitation of 25 videos per post has now been extended to no more than 40 videos per post; however, I caution that the increased server load, of a single image server will likely degrade your thread performance.

    Taking this into consideration, we will allow you to responsibly "load balance" between only 2 approved hosts*, per single thread:

    * is a board preferred host, and does not count against your 2 host limit, per thread
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