what happened to Bleu_

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by questionmark, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. questionmark

    questionmark Member

    beabee, bleureign, bleu_

    noticed she hasn't been on in a while, I don't have her snap so checked on her profile

    and it's unavailable

    ideas? thoughts? theories? educated guesses?
  2. billyboy666

    billyboy666 Member

    Her profile name is "Bleu__" not "Bleu_" (2 underscores).

    Profile is up, though she hasn't been online for about 10 days
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  3. questionmark

    questionmark Member

    how did I miss that, sigh
  4. questionmark

    questionmark Member

    so...death or vacation ?
  5. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    She has been around, just tending to some other matters.
  6. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    She also goes on camping trips for weeks at a time. It is not unusual for her to be gone for periods of time.
  7. questionmark

    questionmark Member

    ive followed her for like 3 years the only time she was gone if I remember correctly was her titty job (twice)
    o well, here's to hoping she ain't dead
  8. questionmark

    questionmark Member

    and she's back, May 8th to July 16th.

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