What is happening with Sherri-Chanel?

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  1. I hadn't checked her out in a while. Wow. She's.....changed. Her sister XO Britt Marie looks pretty much the same as she did in her teens. Slim, perky, healthy. Sherri is big. She's not a BBW but she's creeping up on small BBW territory.

    Is she aiming for the fetish market?
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  2. anilorac

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    Her weight has been going up and down for years now. Back when she was a teen model some of her fans were saying she was getting too skinny. When she came back after turning 18 she'd gained weight. She lost that and then gained it again. If you go to her live chats on MFC you'll see that she's working hard to lose the weight again. She's thinner than in her released content.
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  3. son_of_dad

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    if NN, boring and getting on in years is a combi fetish

    BOZZOO Member

    i said this in another thread, that she'll go nude sometime after crossing the 350# mark, :eek: but by then no one will give a fuck and not really wanna see that more than once, and then just to satisfy their curiousity. :(
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  5. Marco

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    I don't know how many people were paying attention, but Sherri has been doing a TON of cam shows lately. In late December she did a show where she was drinking wine and got sloppy drunk. Then she went into a private group show and starting playing with nipples while her chest was seriously greased up. Basically, her nipples kept popping loose but she was drunk and didn't seem to care or notice:

  6. Wolfen

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    finally about time. Anyone got the cam shows then of late? Thanks for the pics. I am hopeful.
    Ooops Right after I posted this I went to the thread and found a bunch. so are you saying the pics above are from a private or might there be some privates surface at some point and that was the regular cam show. I am going to watch it and my apologies if I find it is a private. :) OKay I got it figured it out it was the private and as I re-read your post all I can do is blame it on the drinks I have been having. So I raise a glass and toast the release of new privates from her in the future!
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  7. 19silver21

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  8. fonty

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    This is an interesting turn of events. She had been doing the same schtick for sooooo long, that it seemed destined to never change. Along comes this surprisingly more revealing camshow. It seemed like she actually was buzzed, and it made the whole affair much more unpredictable and appealing and fun. (Her normal shows had become almost robotic.) It was the first real change in . . . years and years. So we may now be intrigued by two possibilities. One is that she'll have genuine morning-after remorse, and be more careful that it never happens again. If so, a few inexplicably devoted, and inevitably decreasing number of fans will continue to eagerly tune in for the hundredth handbra/pasty show. Maybe a few newbies will discover her and be (temporarily) curious. Or . . . perhaps she'll realize that (what the hell) the genie is out of the bottle, so may as well go with the tease-ier tease which, I imagine. would mean more views, more tips, more gifts, more dough. Lets hope it's the latter. By the way, the clips that have leaked all seem to end with her going to the bathroom after saying she'd be back. Has anyone seen more?
  9. Marco

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    I heard that she did not return from her bathroom break even though she said BRB. I feel bad for the guys that may have paid for the dead cam time without her returning.

    She is clearly under the influence in the video. It seems to me at various points she was trying to make her nipples hard. As though she knew people would see her nipples and she wanted them hard. She also teases like she might stroke her pussy but doesn't really go for it.

    It would be nice if she got drunk on cam more, but I don't know how much this little break from tradition earned her. But money could definitely be a motivating factor. Time will tell..
  10. imalutzer

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    anyone have the group show available, the ones I can find here and elsewhere end before she joins the group?
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  11. Wolfen

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    ^ yeah what he said. :D
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  12. Zues006

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    The cam show Marco was referring to was a group show, it lasted over an hour. She didn't just disappear, did come back and say good-bye properly. It probably would have lasted longer but she had to get up the next morning. Must not have been an easy morning as it was full on drunk cam. If there is anytime to pay attention to Sherri it is when she gets wasted.
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  13. Josepha

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    Very nice !!! Hope we could find the videos !
  14. Marco

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    I don't have all the details, I only know what I saw after the fact. I've seen a two hour public show where she is drinking extensively from a bottle of wine that evening. I have also seen a 13 minute group show from the same night. The screen grabs came from the 13 minute group show. For all I know, she was online for 3 or 4 hours that night. But I only know what I have seen on the videos.

    BTW: Google is not your friend. They have been blocking a lot of links. Go to Bing or Yahoo and type "sherri chanel drunk cam".
  15. BOZZOO

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    w/o question. the caps i got of her (the good ones) were when she was hammered. the one w/ the slight pussy slip, she had at least 8 shots in her (thats when i stopped counting) in a 2.5-3 hour span.

    lets hope this is her starting to "feel out" the possibility of getting nekkid on cam more often. :yess!:
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  16. Mikehunt

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    She was beyond hammered in this show. Gotta give her credit for trying her best to thank everyone who tipped but everything else she said outside of "thank you purple" was almost incomprehensible.

    She seems to be shedding the weight she put on over the last year or two, so more power to drunk Sherri!
  17. BOZZOO

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    In case ur interested, set 431 has pussy slips..2 actually.


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  18. 19silver21

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    Hopefully more on way
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  19. BOZZOO

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    and better.
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  20. fonty

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    So now, it seems, there are special webcam shows available only to those who have joined the Sweethearts Club. That would be cool . . . perhaps. But who knows? Has anyone seen these restricted shows? Are they worth paying extra for? The descriptions and promises are pretty vague, and it'd be worth knowing more before committing any dough. Thanks.

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