What is happening with Sherri-Chanel?

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  1. I hadn't checked her out in a while. Wow. She's.....changed. Her sister XO Britt Marie looks pretty much the same as she did in her teens. Slim, perky, healthy. Sherri is big. She's not a BBW but she's creeping up on small BBW territory.

    Is she aiming for the fetish market?
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    Her weight has been going up and down for years now. Back when she was a teen model some of her fans were saying she was getting too skinny. When she came back after turning 18 she'd gained weight. She lost that and then gained it again. If you go to her live chats on MFC you'll see that she's working hard to lose the weight again. She's thinner than in her released content.
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    if NN, boring and getting on in years is a combi fetish
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