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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by suppoon420, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. suppoon420

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    I thought it would be interesting to see what's happened to some of our favourite models. I got the idea thinking about Kylie Cole. She was intensely popular for a hot minute, did a solo masturbation zip set, and then disappeared from the web. Doing a little research, it appears she got pregnant, so that's why she's been gone. But what about the others? What's Kari Sweets up to these days? Half the girls from *** and TB? Anybody know what happened to the Phil Flash girls? I never heard that story.

    Anyway, who do you miss, and are there any models that you know what they are up to since they disappeared?

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  2. rickdatl

    rickdatl Member

    HoneySUKL...I was a fan early on, kinda dropped off my radar about a year ago...haven't seen her online for a while...anybody know what happened?
  3. 19silver21

    19silver21 Member

    Pixie Pillows was good. Then gone. A shame.
  4. Klept0

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    Oooh good question. I kind of came across her towards the end when she really only get naked, no cum shows or anything. I can't recall her saying anything specifically about leaving, but I do miss seeing her.

    Asha Snow is one I miss, but I think she got a job outside of the camming world and finally decided she wanted to start a family so she quit. Really didn't care much for her before she got the tits, but I really liked seeing her get naked after the boob job. The tits really added to her body type.
  5. qwerty42

    qwerty42 Member

    Jaclynn marie and sofia kasuli. They were the best
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  6. rosso_rat

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    From time to time there have been updates on the *** models in his truejimmy blog. Most seem to have got married, kids and a few in rehab/jail.
  7. suppoon420

    suppoon420 Member

    I would LOVE to know what happened to Sofia Kasuli. She had so much potential and seemed like one of those who should have had her own solo site. I know she did a few things for That's Hot Magazine, and she was one of the alleged victims of the Fappening a few years back. She was also a Hooter's calendar model at one point. Other than that, I have no idea. I really wish she had continued to pose, but I'm wondering if her experience with the Fappening may have killed that.
  8. qwerty42

    qwerty42 Member

    That string thing video is still the most amazing thing ive seen

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