Which model site ranks highest?

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Teenk33n, May 21, 2018.

  1. Teenk33n

    Teenk33n Member

    What "1" (current) site would you pick to subscribe to if you only had one choice and why?

    The last sites I bothered paying for are TSL (archived) and TSE. I love vids and these sites for me were/are perfect:
    -good production
    -hot girls
    -regular updates (TSL excluded)
    I will admit though sometimes TSE can get boring.

    Thought this discussion could spark interest in sites that members have not subscribed to or have not subscribed in a long time.
  2. Jukes07

    Jukes07 Member

    There are so few good ones left.
    I am down to one site, I can not post here.
    But the content never appears anywhere.
  3. Teenk33n

    Teenk33n Member

    Yeah down to slim pickings. Heard Jimmy was thinking of a comeback for a while at *** but he pulled the pin and decided to remain retired
  4. RandomAct

    RandomAct Member

    Seems like the idea of maintaining a site is becoming archaic. With Manyvids, OnlyFans and even Patreon offering simpler, cheaper platforms, both for providers and consumers, the solo sites will likely go away completely soon.
  5. Teenk33n

    Teenk33n Member

    Had a reply back from Ts site about original Kris and Alex sets and got told eventually sets will be able to be purchased individually in the future... anyone know when that may be?

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