Why are so many things being taken down ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Entertainment Requests' started by annon011, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. annon011

    annon011 New Member

    Many models whose pictures were posted on image hosts are being deleted, and they were fine a few weeks ago.

    Uploaded , keepToShare and these types of sites are also removing models from their archives.
    (By the way, let me give you a quick tip for those uploading them. DO NOT name the file what it actually is, this is one of the reasons why it gets removed. The other reason from what I've noticed so far is DO NOT have direct download links to the file. I noticed that sites that go through some kind of a redirection thing when you click the link and don't name their links what they actually are, are still working.)

    Other than that though, it is extremely hard to find all sets of models from 2014 and earlier as most links are all of a sudden removed.

    I was also downloading hentai a few days ago (3d so don't laugh at me lol ) and the same thing was happening there too, many links were removed and I had to do extended search and purchase a lot of premiums so that there is a chance for me to find everything.

    I am not sure about porn as I am not a huge porn video fan. I have millions of pics yet only a few hundred porn videos. The thing porn videos is that I have very specific requirements when it comes to camera angles and stuff like that + it takes a lot of work to blur out the dude in every one of them.

    Still though I would like to know if anyone knows why so much porn is all of a sudden being removed from all these image and file hosts. (by porn I mean everything models, actual porn etc)

    Idk why my comments keep getting stuck for approval , but mods please approve this because I would really like to know what's happening.
  2. qwz75

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  3. annon011

    annon011 New Member

    Ok didn't know that, sorry
  4. NOS911

    NOS911 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Most of the content that has been removed from the hentai section was down to it being inappropriate and not legal in most western countries(one of the site rules is it must be legal in Western countries).
  5. annon011

    annon011 New Member

    wait what ?

    illegal hentai ???

    I don''t know too much , but there should be no rules for hentai and 3d porn. People should be able to create whatever they want, regardless of how sick it may be and share with whoever they want.

    I don't get it how you tell someone what to draw / create. If I was a hentai creator and some day I felt like creating some edgy rapy or whatever thing and someone told me no, you can't do that, I would be really pissed off, and would do it and share it anyway lol.
  6. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    hentai, cartoons and comics are not allowed inside this board if they contain CP, that's the only reason why some posts have been trashed recently. If hentai creators want to draw CP they can do, but we don't allow such material here

  7. qwz75

    qwz75 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Not really! It is illegal in several countries! For example up to 5 years in France...
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  8. annon011

    annon011 New Member

    This makes me wonder about something. We all know that some day there will be virtual reality devices that access your brain and allow you to image anything and experience it.

    What if someone images killing someone , or raping someone, or even CP , are they going to arrest them ?

    I am all against crimes against actual people, but for anything that doesn't exist in this reality, there should be no laws in my opinion.
  9. xxxposeme

    xxxposeme New Member

    also illegal in australia
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