Can I request be added/approved as a file host?

Can I request be added/approved as a file host? I am already near maxing out my 2nd K2S account & don't really want to make a 3rd. When I have 8 mostly empty MEGA accounts. 3 have 50 GIGs max. 200 GIGs between my 8 MEGA accounts. Why do I have to use another company I don't like? I do not and will not pay for any file host. Just to make somebody happy. Meaning K2S are cheap skates in the amount of space they give to free accounts. I also have 2 mediafire accounts, 1 with another 50GIGs. A Depositfiles and Rapidgator account, as well as 5 Google Drives, which I gather aren't acceptable anywhere. at any forum? Between 20 forums using every file host under the sun EXCEPT for the one I consider the best, just as it's predecessor, Megaupload was also the best. Until the gov seized their servers? What do people now have against MEGA? That it doesn't seem to be an approved host at any forums out there. Just like happened to Megaupload back in the day? I mean right now I am only posting Jen Hilton content and as anyone who was a fan of hers knows? Nobody had large sized videos or zips of pix back in the early 2000s. I mean 2 of the other approved file hosts here, I see ZERO way for me to be able to make an account at. Oh yeah, unless it is a PAID account. I mean if someone can give me a realistic reason why MEGA cant be approved? Or why the list here over all is small/limited? I guess I may have to create a 3rd account. But I also may just walk away from posting again. because it's not worth it. I only need 110GIGs for my Jen content. I've probably posted around a quarter of what I have. I know many people liked her but don't have a lot of her content. Because yeah, she was a pretty costly/expensive model to collect. I was really ever the only one sharing her content since 2004/05. I mean one of the reasons I picked this forum to come share all my Jen stuff at? Was because after more then 10 years of having nothing to do with this scene? I started up again and got a lot of my newer content from here. I started considering posting Jens content again, knowing from the past. Many of her fans couldn't really afford her content. I'll try and post it all here.