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Thought it time to start posting on here. All girls / ladies are amateurs, although some are / were 'wannabees' at the time. With odd exception of some sets taken by my mate, all were taken personally by me. I am a keen amateur photographer with an eye for the ladies... !

Photos taken my may mate in this instance....

I tried putting 5 images up, but they seemed to take up a MASSIVE amount of space. Not sure how to just get small thumbnails to upload as preview rather than full size image.....

Here's Aimee for starters - Tattooed girl from Leeds
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I use smplayer: open the video and use the "thumbnail generator" function. It's also (easily) customizable
Thanks San. Once again! I appreciate that. I was curious about how I post a page of images? If I upload 50 (or however many) images to the file host, do I post a link to that folder? And if so, does this board display all the images (only smaller) in my post? I'm sorry if I'm not articulating that well. I see so many posts of people posting a set of images. I'm just trying to do it like everyone else.


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You don't have to post the link to imagehost folder, just copy-paste the BB codes for all the pictures into your post. It's OK to ask before posting, we're here to help when needed