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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by newby, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. newby

    newby New Member

    Anyone have Avery Rays's World’s Smallest Bikini picture set?
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  2. acecoyote

    acecoyote Member

    pretty disappointing. ill see if i still have it.
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  3. ddbirdy

    ddbirdy Member

    I almost bought that but would be pissed if that webmaster puts that haze effect on all the pics like it looks in the previews. What is with that.?? Would appreciate the upload, acecoyote....
  4. pop71

    pop71 Member

    Does anyone have the Midnight Lake Love video? looks interesting. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yamablue

    Yamablue Member

    There is no video associated with the photo set yet, though I believe there is one.
  6. pop71

    pop71 Member

    My bad. How about the photo set? Is it our there?
  7. tdogjenkins

    tdogjenkins Member

    She’s got a new one out too. Midnight Lake. Looks promising
  8. turntheleaf

    turntheleaf Member

    Anyone got this set?
  9. dragonarial

    dragonarial Member

    Anyone any recent set or vid please?
  10. pop71

    pop71 Member

    Could you please re-up the Strawberry Blond Striptease? Thanks in advance.
  11. darkcder95

    darkcder95 Section Moderator

  12. pop71

    pop71 Member

    Excellent, thanks again.
  13. dragonarial

    dragonarial Member

    reup please?
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  14. all time fave. reup? thanks!

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