Being the child of a pornstar.....

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    I am the child of a pornstar. I pretty much grew up in the industry. But I come to you in peace. I am not here to judge you or hate you or try to change you or voice my opinions. Just here to ask curious questions.

    Here is an article about my childhood and upbringing....


    I have a couple questions to you- first- why is the mom kink so popular? As I see scrolling through this forum, this is one of the busiest categories. Why is a pornstar having kids or the "mommy" fetish so popular? Is it because it's so wrong? Meaning like for some people it's kinky to fuck in a public place or something risqué like a church or playground because of how wrong it is. Is it the same here?

    Once again, I come in peace. Not here to judge or hate no matter the answers.

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