Best transition from pre18 to 18+?

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Sheester, Oct 15, 2016.

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    With Alex's 18+ site coming soon (hopefully?!), it got me to thinking...

    Which models who made a name for themselves with a nonnude pre18 site had the best transition to an 18+ model?

    I realize there's a lot of negative opinions out there about some models who never lived up to certain expectations (warranted or not), but let's focus on the positive ones here. I don't know if anyone will ever beat some of the BTM/XAM/JSP models from 10 years ago (although some of those were a bit sketchy if I recall), but let's see if we can get a list going of models and webmasters who made the 18+ transition work!
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    My guess is Alex Arabella will do it very well although she'll lose much of her allure once she goes full nude (everything's already been seen in sheer by this point). Cali was better when she was a NN model but her latest 18+ stuff has been better. Honestly I think TeenMarvel has the best NN/Nude stuff currently. TBF/TTL have ~zero slips so it's pure bikinis which is nice, but far from the "best" NN/nude tease genre.

    Brooke from Brooke&Brandi was pretty good although her 18+ career was short-lived (she was underrated imo). Other TS girls have done well as NN under 18, but never did the 18+ modeling scene very well. I still think Brooke Marks is among best in the NN scene although she is basically retired at this point. Obviously you could clump Nikki Sims and MM in with her...whichever you fancy.
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    I thought Danni Dawn did a great job of teasing but showing more than pre 18. As well as getting more and more revealing over time. Too bad her site didn't last. Brandi Blair also was fantastic at transitioning but alas it did not last either but that was due to personal issues I think. Sheri Belle has gotten better but her transition took over a year to do I think. Amanda Verona has gotten better and better over the last year also.
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    Sheri used to be one of my favorites. WTF has happened to her, man? She constantly looks stoned and uninterested, she's been hitting the Cheetos hard, she does the exact same thing every week, she got that awful shoulder tattoo, and now the nipple piercings. I was thinking she may transition from just topless but with how long it took her to even show nipple, I don't think anything else is happening.

    I guess if it's just a paycheck for her, it makes sense. She's not the dumpster fire that Amanda turned out to be, but she's not far behind. It seems that photographer (or the company in general) doesn't really have any direction for their models. Hopefully they don't screw up Lucie or Alex. At least those two are still hot as hell.
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    Sarah Peaches has to be in the top 3.
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