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  1. klanzee

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    Has anyone have info on 13gloss or Cherrygurl420 on Chaturbate???
  2. c1a1

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    Sure, one has the nick of 13gloss the other one is Cherrygurl420, oh, wait, you wanted the address and phone number, sorry, no.
  3. johnnyo

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    I have been looking for a Kaarolinaa vid where she shows pussy, I would love some help!!! Happy Friday
  4. RDNZL

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    13gloss is a guitar playing gal with a really nice singing voice. She has very wide hips, very flat breasts and small shoulders. She's cute, and also pretty. Cute and pretty. She is lippy in the upper part of her labia. When she does a show, the shows that I've seen are sort of far from the camera. She uses that giant Hitachi-type vibrator, so you are really looking at her vibrator instead oif what's underneath, which is her meaty labia. Rate and admire. Whoops, that's an MFC thing, and this girl is a popular chaturbate model. The other night she earned no fewer than 9000 tokens on chaturbate. I think that she allows grays to comment, but you have to watch out for the white-knight pimp/moderators so they can appear to be super when it comes to chivalry.
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