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Discussion in 'Webcam Girls' started by Dwight_K_Schrute, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Dwight_K_Schrute

    Dwight_K_Schrute Global Moderator Staff Member

    Seems no one has paid any attention to the rules regarding requests.

    Since the new rules were posted requests have gone up significantly. In most cases it is repeat offenders.

    Please read the rules, adhere to them and if you want to make a request do it in the Request & Discussion section and make sure you follow the guidelines there (e.g. People with less than 6 months on the board or less than 20 meaningful posts can only request something that was previously posted but they must include a link to the original post, etc.). You can also contact the OP via-conversation or leaving a message on his profile

    Thank you.

    Request section: HERE

    ETA: Alright, so people are not getting the message and there has been no change in the frequency of requests being made in content threads. I was being lenient in most cases, but I think it's at a point where infractions for all request posts need to be handed out for everyone to get the message.
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  2. Dwight_K_Schrute

    Dwight_K_Schrute Global Moderator Staff Member

    It is apparent that people are not reading the rules and there really has not been any slowdown in the number of requests made in content threads.

    Starting today if I see ANY post that is either a blatant request or hints at a re-upload in this section I will issue a 7 day ban. I'm getting sick of people not taking a few minutes to look over the rules.
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