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Announcements Important Filehosting rules change - Applies March 7th


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Hi, this message is directed to all members who post here on a regular basis. We will change posting rules in the next few days and wanted to inform you about our plans

  • Our system of "preferred hosts" will be terminated. Too many people posted fake links to Filefox, K2S or Rapidgator just to make their questionable filehost choice make look legit
  • Starting March 7th, all new posts are only allowed if they come with Filefox, K2S or Rapigator link. April 1st all links to other hosts will be blocked/filtered
  • We strongly recommend Filefox. We tested them for half a year
  • We recommend you to change to Filefox now, because they do not only offer good service, but it will boost your sales. The early bird catches the worm!