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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by nuts, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. nuts

    nuts Member

    Looking for old Jen Hilton sets, unseen stuff and unreleased customs. Are there any out there? Rumor has it, there are still some floating around. Big dollars being offered if anyone has them.
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  2. gerpu

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    she made some custom nudes ..
  3. nuts

    nuts Member

    any details on how to obtain?
  4. Just4Mods

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    You can look for her Cinnamyn sets but theyre UA. Details are in the TAC.
  5. nuts

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  6. 00rg

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  7. nuts

    nuts Member

    Thank you 00rg. Appreciate the link. Yes, I have seen those. They have been floating around for about 10 years or so, leaked from one of her early photographers.

    They are actually part of larger photo shoot, see example....
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you look at the creation date of those photos, they are from 2005. From what I have been told is that all those old 2005-2006 fully nude photos she did have all been destroyed. All that remains today is what is floating around on the i-net.

    What I am looking to find is the stuff she did later 2007-2009. Which is rumored to have not been destroyed, and still is out there somewhere in the hands of collectors. I will post some of the leads I have found as a follow-up....
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  8. aaagary123

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    I'm assuming anything she did nude with her sisters ex-boyfriend was destroyed. I did many customs with them during those years. Good people to work with. Towards the end of that era she did some custom topless for me. Maybe went further for others? I don't know really. Everything I had you can find on the net. I shared with 1 person. However they're all over the place. Not hard to find.

    Whatever Jen did after it ended with P.S. I'm clueless about. I did no customs with her after that. I think during that transition period she got P.S. to destroy any of the full nudes they did together. Similar to what was posted here. If she did any customs during 2007-2009 with whoever was shooting her at that time for her pay site. Again I just don't know. She might have done a lot, but did them under contract. Had those people sign something. If found out there, you're headed to court.

    So I really wouldn't hold out hope for seeing anything done after it ended with P.S. She probably did get him to destroy all previous full nudes. If Jen did some more after that then she certainly wouldn't have wanted them to show up on the internet. So those are sealed away in someone's personal vault. That's my opinion anyways.
  9. aaagary123

    aaagary123 Member

    Also that link is from her pay site after the P.S. era ended. However if someone ordered from there it most likely didn't get them full nudes. If you did gain that trust from her that probably meant more then $3 a pic and a signed contract. Tons of full nudes probably had already been destroyed by P.S. prior to that site even getting launched with a new photographer/webmaster. So for her to do more full nudes the rules were changed to protect Jen's future. She's no dummy. She wasn't about to do more with the photographer having rites to do whatever they wanted with the pics. Again just my opinion.
  10. nuts

    nuts Member

    Hi aaagary, interesting stuff. Why did you stop doing customs with with her? What do you mean by P.S.? From what have been told, the old fully nude stuff has been destroyed. Who knows for sure. This is a like piecing together a large puzzle. Do you have anything remaining that has not been posted in the i-net?

    I am convinced there are those out there that have custom material, that are even readying this thread, with no formal "contract" with Jen. Why? I have found some of them.

    I have discovered these folks appreciated Jen and like to share her stuff with others who appreciated her. The problem is, those that worked with Jen liked her and respected her, so they are afraid by sharing it will get blasted all over the i-net. This fear is what is freezing this material into the dark shadows. There are other folks that are sitting on it, and don't realize how valuable it is. She has seemed to work with a lot of people and photographers during her career.
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  11. tinfoil123

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    We don't have Gary or Troy in this thread, do we?
  12. nuts

    nuts Member

    Check this out, this pic was never published on any of her websites.


    Please, who has the rest of this set??
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  13. nuts

    nuts Member

    Another one never been seen. Rest of set anyone? Who has it?


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