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Linsey Donovan New Amazing Girl

Just wanted to show this girl to everyone :) Shes 18 as of last July and doing nudes now. She posted a full nude but covered on her instagram for first time today. linseydonovan.com is her main site and it looks like shes doing nudes on her Patreon account. Patreon.com/Linsey99



There are no TRUE nudes on the Patreon yet. I'm taking a break from her page until there are. Nice girl, fun to talk to, but I'm not getting what I wanted at that price tag.
Agreed. Way too much pay. She keeps hashtagging playboy model so now we just wait :) prob for eternity but well, there she is.


Yeah, she ain't giving us shit until Playboy calls/doesn't call lol. Again, I don't want to give out about her, because she really is a sweetheart and smoking hot, but $75 is shit ton to give out every month.


Sorry to rain on the parade, but I am not buying it. She actually has a link from linseydonovan.com to Model Mayhem. It says she joined in Jul 14, 2017 at the age of 18 and is now 19. She also has a video posted from January 17, 2016 on Vimeo as Lexi Parker:

She claims she is a home owner in Miami and with no boyfriend. Girls go to Miami to party and find rich guys. And probably the most obvious falsehood is she claims she doesn't dye her hair. Then why does it look so dry and frizzy? She has the hair of a woman in her 40's who has bleached it too much...


She hasn't shown the goods yet, only teasing. IMO the price tag for pics/vids is way too high. Haven't caught a live show, that may be better.