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Northwest Beauties the models!


This is one of my favourite sites due to it's simplicity mainly just having a model walk around talking however I've always found it strange how often the models seem to be exclusive, unless they're really well paid for an hour of filming or hooking on the side the majority are good looking enough tat and piercing free to go out and work on larger sites. Here I'm giving a rundown of models I've found elsewhere in the hopes other will join in the conversation. If it seems worthwhile I'll go through the partner sites as well (some of which get interesting).

Alessandra = Alessandra Mariella, seemed to keep to nn modelling

Alex = Starli/Starla - multiple porn scenes at lost bets and desperate amateurs

Angela - Angela Moore, Hawaiian Tropic model, a few topless & nude photos have surfaced over the years

Candle = Candle Boxx - Well known nude/fetish model

Chloe R - Non nude but full nude for AP Studio as Maryann

Giulietta - similar scenes at ATK and Yanks

Jaylynn - also appears completely nude for WPL Productions

Josie - nude at ATK exotics and ATK natural and hairy, 1 HC video

Julie - Porn starlet Jeleana Marie

Kerri = Kerri Taylor - Also appears for Exotic Allure

Kristy = Kristy Jessica, Pure Rebel well known nude model. Runs her own site on Patreon also appears for EAP

Krystal - also shot for FTV

Kylie = Kylie Kohl, shot for PlayBoy

Lillias = Lillias Right, runs her own site on Patreon

Merrique = St Merrique, nude model clips at C4S

Nikki - Full nudes and blow job at Lost Bets

Rosalee = Porn starlet Alisha Adams, also appears for EAP

Shasta = Shasta Wonder nude model shastawonder.com

Sierra = Sierra McKenzie nude model clips at C4S. Runs her own site on Patreon

Verronica - Nude model various sites AKA Vaeronika Woods at Cosmid
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I would love to see the Shasta videos if you have them...
Jeff mentions in some vids that the models also go to a local photographer (Scott Griebel I think) but I don't know where he publishes his pictures. Looks like he isn't worried about getting the girls naked
Ashley K
Wow! Nice find. I tried searching for more on this guy, hoping to find some more nude models, but no luck.....Not even a model mayhem site


Time for some additional info. Here's what I know of the girls appearing for Southwest Amateur Video

Allison - Appears at Cosmid as Alisyn Carliene other nude and fetish vids available

Chrissy - Chrissy Marie, nude model shot for PlayBoy also appears for Sandl Models

Mai - Mai Lin? nude model and short lived HC site pennyshow.com

Mona - also appears on AP Studio as Monica

Sandy - Porn starlet Sandy Sweet

Sandy M - Appears on girlsdoporn as Sarah

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Paige as a couple nude sets on zivity
Only pics I've seen of them.



Another round this time it's the girls of WPL Productions

Amber - Amber Hudson, runs own Patreon site

Angelique Kithos - Nude / fetish model

Briella - Briella Jaden, Nude, hardcore and fetish videos at C4S

Cha Cha - Cha-Cha Le Anna, nude, bating, blowjob video at C4S

Jaylynn - as seen at NWB

Jil - Jillian Elise seen on Nude and pregnant shoots on Zivity

Reese - Reese Ariella nude, masturbation and hardcore vids at manyvids

Serene - Serene Isley, topless and tied up/bondage model

Vex - Vex Vior, runs own Patreon site

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Given she's never fully nude you might be waiting a long time. Best you could probably hope for is a birthing video!


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Someone once said Rose is on chaturbate, but I haven't seen any proof or know of a username or anything.