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    I recently ripped her site and came up with 140 sets and 28 videos. There are an additional 4 bts videos including from her MET photo shoot. There are a bunch of cam shows but I don't have them all yet.

    Her site just reposts old content as new. The zips themselves have no file name other "1" but you can see the set number in your browser. The highest set I have is 188, so does that mean there are at least 48 sets I don't have? There are also gaps in the video numbering.

    Here are the sets and videos I have:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    188 pic sets were released on the site. The last eight were the Met-Art sets recycled.


    45 videos were released. Four of them came under the label "Candid" when released.

    001_Football_4_One / 002_Good_Vibes / 003_This_Job_Sucks / 004_Night_Moves / 005_Summer_Lovin'

    006_Paris_Amour / 007_Swingin_It / 008_Uniformity / 009_Sweet_Peach / 010_Lubbin_Da_Tub

    011_Sunken_Treasure / 012_Smooth_Moves / 013_Endless_Summer / 014_Spy_On_Me / 015_Hoopin_It_Up

    016_Back_To_Nature / 017_Cam_Cutie / 018_My_First_Pecker / 019_Homegrown / 020_The_Great_Hairafter

    021_Rainy_Day_Woman / 022_Tender_Tootsies / 023_Tubgasm / 024_Meeting_Lia / 025_Bubbles_With_Lia

    026_Hands_On / 027_Ballerina_Girl / 028_Pit_Stop / 029_Toe_Job / 030_Tub_Girl

    031_Michelle_And_Moi / 032_Panty_Plunge / 033_A_Close_Shave / 034_Black_Lingerie / 035_Kitchen_Cam

    036_Baby_G'oil / 037_Backseat_Viber / 038_Launderlust / 039_Early_Riser / 040_Milk_N_Cookies / 041_Whipped

    Candid videos -

    01_bts_football_yard / 02_bts_met_bikini_beach / 03_bts_met_debut / 04_bts_playground_strip

    57 of the camshows were available for download on the site.
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  3. RandomChance

    RandomChance Global Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks a lot! That is a huge help.

    The cam shows are all there and here is a list of the videos. The 2nd name is what I have. The others are the ones I don't have.

    The photo sets are complete off from what they are now. That will take me awhile to figure out which sets I don't have. Hopefully someone can fill in those missing sets once I get them sorted out.

    Thanks again.

    001_Football_4_One / 22 Football 4 One
    002_Good_Vibes / a2 Good Vibes
    003_This_Job_Sucks / a13 This Job Sucks
    004_Night_Moves / a22 Night Moves
    005_Summer_Lovin'/ 32 Summer Luvin'

    006_Paris_Amour / 30 Paris Amour
    007_Swingin_It / 25 Swingin It
    008_Uniformity / 31 Uniformity
    009_Sweet_Peach / 04 Sweet Peach
    010_Lubbin_Da_Tub / a28 Lubbin' Da Tub

    011_Sunken_Treasure / a11 Sunken Treasure
    012_Smooth_Moves / 13 Smooth Moves
    013_Endless_Summer / 32_6 Endless Summer
    014_Spy_On_Me / a20 Spy on Me
    015_Hoopin_It_Up / 32_5 Hoopin' It Up

    016_Back_To_Nature / 05 Back to Nature
    017_Cam_Cutie / 07 Cam Cutie
    018_My_First_Pecker /10My First Pecker
    019_Homegrown / 39 Homegrown
    020_The_Great_Hairafter / a9 The Great HairAfter

    021_Rainy_Day_Woman / a29 Rainy Day Woman
    022_Tender_Tootsies /a5Tender Tootsies
    023_Tubgasm /a23Tubgasm
    024_Meeting_Lia / a25 Meeting Lia
    025_Bubbles_With_Lia/a27Bubbles With Lia

    026_Hands_On / A26 Hands On
    027_Ballerina_Girl /14Ballerina Girl
    028_Pit_Stop / 09 Pit Stop
    029_Toe_Job /17-Toe Job
    030_Tub_Girl / a14 Tub Girl

    031_Michelle_And_Moi / 33 Michelle Et Moi
    032_Panty_Plunge /A23_panty plunge
    033_A_Close_Shave /a15-A Close Shave
    034_Black_Lingerie /003 Black Lingerie
    035_Kitchen_Cam/21 Kitchen Cam

    036_Baby_G'oil / a30 Baby G'oil
    037_Backseat_Viber /A19 Backseat Vibe-r
    038_Launderlust /a4 Launderlust
    039_Early_Riser / a8 Early Riser
    040_Milk_N_Cookies / a33 Milk N' Cookies
    041_Whipped / A17 Whipped

    Candid videos - (These are OK)

    01_bts_football_yard /
    02_bts_met_bikini_beach /
    03_bts_met_debut /
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  4. Korazu

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    Any chance of an upload of these?
  5. ZeroTheHero

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    I miss her! I remember her 2hr camshows, 1:45 of talking and :15 of actual playing.
  6. RandomChance

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    I'm in the process of uploading what I have but it will die quickly after being posted. I'll add a message in my profile when I'm going to post it. I'm also editing in the set numbers on the preview pages to make it easier to grab what you want.
  7. RandomChance

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    Thanks this is so great.
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    I wonder.. what's her age now?
  11. RandomChance

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    I got back on to her site and grabbed all of the missing sets and I think all of the missing videos. However, for some reason, I could not find Beach Baby, which is #27 on Dirty boy's preview image. Can anyone please upload it and send me the link? I'll then re-up to my link list along with the other 30+ missing sets.
  12. RandomChance

    RandomChance Global Moderator Staff Member

    The missing set has been sent to me, thanks J(Not sure if you want credit or not). That set will be added when I get home.
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  13. dirty_boy

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    ThisYearsModel(dot)com has been posting sets/videos of her since last May. It has been old material recycled from PrivateSchoolJewel, except for these two which are new - a picture set, Dark Star (05/08/2016) and a video, Behind But Not Seen (01/23/2017)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have searched but cannot find them having been posted on this site at all. Anyone got them? Thanks! :)
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