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Request: Katrina from Teenmarvel


Hhhmm, I tried buying the shower one and got an email receipt, but no link and emailed them with no reply....yet
If you're a first-time buyer, it seems to take a few days. I experienced that and I believe I also read something to that affect somewhere while browsing their site. You might want to also try posting to the comment section for that set asking when to expect it.
So..that video I bought was bullshit. It was just like her older ones with a few split second flashes and in the last 5 seconds, you see her fully nude, but it's blurry.


Today I write to ask for help, about "Katrina" of "Teenmarvel"
I've been looking all morning and asked a couple buddies for something, anything of this girl and found squat. People are keeping her stuff on lockdown but eventually, it all comes out.
Good luck with your search.