SandraPopa at a Dan Bilzerian Party

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by Camigula, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Camigula

    Camigula New Member

    This rich guy Dan Bilzerian is known for bragging about his crazy parties with lots of chicks and he posted a video on youtube about it. SandraPopa is at the 1m 25s mark..great stuff!

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  2. sporten

    sporten Member

    Dude is living life fucking hookers and not giving a damn... gotta respect
  3. ImARocketMan

    ImARocketMan New Member

    I think she's been spotted in the background on some of his other pictures/videos on IG/Youtube. Seems like she's been there several times.
  4. Klept0

    Klept0 Member

    She's probably hoping she can score that Lindsey Pelas type of deal by associating with him LOL.

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