what happen to ann angel

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by zerasze, Apr 8, 2018.

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  1. zerasze

    zerasze Member

    Does anyone know what happened to her?
    did she retired?
    any news from twitter?
  2. Sinister6

    Sinister6 Member

    Was wondering the same.
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  3. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    Last I saw her was on this unique site.

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  4. zerasze

    zerasze Member

  5. zerasze

    zerasze Member

    still no news from her anyone?
  6. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    No, seriously, she poops herself for money now. Volpon wasn't pulling your leg.
  7. ultraxx70

    ultraxx70 Member

    This is below every good taste ... Womans have no shame anymore ...
  8. zerasze

    zerasze Member

    unfortunately, I opened that link.
  9. Lazarus

    Lazarus Member

    Yea, her career has literally gone to shit. To each their own, I guess, but I don't get it. Maybe it's a very lucrative niche, but it's hard to believe one could participate in that without a personal interest in the fetish.

    I'm not normally attracted to blondes like her, but there was always something about her I found appealing. I've known about the scat work for a while now and am just choosing to block it out in hopes she returns to more mainstream porn.
  10. Marco

    Marco Member

    Something is going on with Ann Angel (Dirty Angel) because her scat store was emptied and closed about 1 week ago:

  11. rchangel

    rchangel Member

    Constipation maybe?
  12. BOZZOO

    BOZZOO Member

    CandieCane is poopin for pesos on that site as well. the 1 thats won Miss MFC a few times.
  13. zerasze

    zerasze Member

    can anyone open her site ? or its just gone for real ?
  14. zerasze

    zerasze Member

    still no news from her? anyone?

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