Kris Karson on New City

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by JJ83, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. NOS911

    NOS911 Global Moderator Staff Member

    I've removed his comments as well as it was simply unacceptable.
  2. Jon Dworkin

    Jon Dworkin New Member

    What is New City? I've never heard of it.

    Found this forum and had to jump in.
    I can tell you this, Kris is still stunning and she better than ever.
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    BOZZOO Member

    aahhh..ok. it seemed like only 3-4 mos had passed when, what seemed to be, newer pics of her and she didnt look preggers. i guess having the baby will make her look that way. :p

    first pic i ever saw of her, she had a pretty nice shiner.
  4. krisbliss

    krisbliss New Member

    Hey I've seen some people post Kris Karson's IG posts on here, but of course edited to hide the name. Is her IG available? Or is there a way to find it, or whatever? Any help would be highly appreciated! Cheers!
  5. husky_moose02

    husky_moose02 Member

    Sadly she deleted her IG account. I'm not sure when. I was going to message her a couple months ago to ask when her new site was going to open, but could not find her account when I searched. Also our entire DM history disappeared from my account as well. I do remember her posting a message on one of her posts that she was going to delete all her social media accounts because of too many creepy stalkers. She was going to start a new one for only close friends and family. That was back in February or March if I remember correctly. So unless you know her personally I don't think she'll be accepting adds from random people like before.
  6. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    She's still on Facebook
  7. joepoeaz

    joepoeaz Member

    just leave her the fuck alone
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  8. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    Excuse me?! Do you know me? Stop making assumptions that you clearly know nothing about.

    That's nice of you to agree with him RandomAct. Newbs like joe run their mouth is common but I didn't expect you to agree with the bs.
    It's still true, you learn something every day.
  9. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    Fuck off already. Nobody likes you and it's only a matter of time before you run your mouth for too long and get banned again.
  10. RandomAct

    RandomAct Member

    Had nothing to do with you personally dude, I just agreed with him because I don't feel like we need to be putting her private socials out there for people to harrass her.
  11. VolponView

    VolponView Member

    I totally agree. All I said was that she was still on Facebook. I didn't give her name, location, link, anything. I don't do that to models (or anyone) that I like or that I can't stand the sight of.
  12. questionmark

    questionmark Member

    We're getting distracted, the Illuminati wins when we fights among ourselves
    lets focus on KK content.
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  13. husky_moose02

    husky_moose02 Member

    Saw a few Snapchats from her back in August and it looks like shes already ditched her baby-daddy and hooked up with a sugar-daddy and moved in with him with her baby. LOL. !!!!
  14. sleazoid

    sleazoid Member

    This is veering off topic again. Discussion is one thing, but the purpose isn't to ridicule.
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  15. husky_moose02

    husky_moose02 Member

    Does anybody know if her site is ever gonna launch?
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  16. BOZZOO

    BOZZOO Member

    yes, somebody knows if it will launch. :p
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  17. pervedfriend

    pervedfriend Member

    ChristinaModel will always be my all-time no.1 Internet model for many reasons. But Kris Karson is always going to be that one girl that just does it for me no matter what or who! Christina had the amazing boobs back in the day. Kris Karson has everything else, the face, hair, skin tone and that perfect ass! Even in the more recent photos of Kris where she looks a bit heavier, she still does it I just love her face and again the thick ass.
  18. pervedfriend

    pervedfriend Member

    Is this the only thread left here for Kris Karson? I don't seem to find anything else.
  19. husky_moose02

    husky_moose02 Member

    Saw this posted on another board. Looks like her site is still in the works.

  20. hajime30

    hajime30 Member

    which board?

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