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  1. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Has she ever done full nude to include tit and pussy? If so when?
  2. SurferD

    SurferD Member

    Slips are about the best for pussy and lots of tits.
  3. funky dude

    funky dude New Member

    She has done topless zips that you can purchase if you join her site, as for full nudity, hang around long enough (member of her site for 6+ months) and then you will have the opportunity to get the full spread zips.
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  4. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    So there are some but they don't get posted? Why not? Why 6 months? Couldn't I get them by joining her site?
  5. bacasp

    bacasp Member

    You have to be a member for 35 days, if I recall correctly, to gain access to her loyal picture sets & videos. You can then start buying her loyal zipsets. I believe you have to be a member for ~90 days to gain access to her loyal plus sets and videos. Once you reach this level, you can purchase her most explicit zipsets. One caveat is that there is an order you have to purchase these zipsets, with time delays in between purchases. If I'm not mistaken, some of her zipsets have been posted here in the past.
  6. daltex1

    daltex1 Member

    In other words, she's going to make you pay thru the nose before you really get good content.... You should be able to find Zipset #12 if you hunt around a little bit, that's has full nudity.
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  7. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Zipset #12 here has been deleted, if it gets reupped I'll get it. Is that all she has done that has full nudity? I will look other places for the rest of her stuff. Thanks
  8. groper1

    groper1 Member

    A lot! Max nudity in zipsets 13 through 20.
  9. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Did a search and found a lot of her stuff but she didn't show much. If her legs were open she had her hand covering her pussy. Did not see zipsets 13 thru 20.maybe I am looking for too much does she actually show the goods?
  10. pootycat

    pootycat Member

    Shows more in her angels n babes vids, look for those.
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  11. groper1

    groper1 Member

    She is full spread and totally plays with herself. But they will not show up anywhere as I, and anyone else, will not risk being banned. The AnB stuff does not even approach her zips.
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  12. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Would love to see them but not willing to join and wait 6 months to see. Maybe I will get lucky one day. Thanks to everyone who replied. I now understand.
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  13. MAXAGM

    MAXAGM Member

    So I would have to be a member on her site for 90+ days to gain access to order zipset 13-20? With my luck, on my 89th day zipset 13-20 gets leak on the internet somehow ._.

    I'm not sure if I'm willing to take that risk...
  14. groper1

    groper1 Member

    Yeah, that would suck. I do think some of the zip sets are now available after 30 days, certainly 13 & 14. Plus, there are picture sets (extensions of the weekly updates) that consist of 300-500 pics available also. They get progressively more explicit. They are not cheap either.
  15. MAXAGM

    MAXAGM Member

    Yeah, I'm just going to wait at least another 6 months, if nothing gets leak after six months. I'll join.
  16. daltex1

    daltex1 Member

    Does she even cam much any more? Seems like she's barely ever on AnB when I check. She usually confirms if she will be on in her Twitter page, but haven't seen anything since Sept.
    Maybe she is considering retirement.
  17. Arksulli

    Arksulli Member

    Hopefully she stays in there, but the shelf life of a web/cam model is not very long.
  18. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks to everyone for the info. If anyone finds some of her good stuff let me know. I would appreciate it. Have a great year!
  19. vadha1

    vadha1 New Member

    I was a member all the way up to zipset 17. I would honestly tell you do not waste your money on her stuff. It's a lot of money and the content isn't worth it. For example her zip sets, the pics are actually better than the videos. The videos claim to be HD, but they are not. They appear to be SD and then are enhanced to HD so they are not very clear, somewhat blurry and have a huge transparent watermark with a code that links the video to you. This watermark along with the terrible quality video is about 10 minutes long with her getting fully nude at the last minute of the video. I quit her site after that so not sure what's different in 18 on.
  20. groper1

    groper1 Member

    I find that this is not accurate. The videos are getting more and more explicit, along with the photos. The Full Spread zips, #19-21 are really good and in HD. Baffled by this earlier description.
  21. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Well guess unless someone posts her new stuff or sends me a link I will not know. Appreciate the updates. Are there any sites that post her stuff?
  22. mookieboy

    mookieboy Member

    So let me get this straight. To see her full spread zips 19-21, I will need to:
    1. Be a member for 6 months minimum.
    2. Buy every zip set at full cost prior to 19.

    IS that right, and is there anything else required?
  23. honey68228

    honey68228 Member

    It's a trap !
    When you have 3 months of membership
    The webmaster will be no warning of the ban you
    So you will never be able to get new videos and pictures
    My personal experience ...
  24. sinny4u

    sinny4u New Member

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