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  1. br0bby

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    Is that true? Do they really take payments outside canada/usa but not let you join?

    Pretty sure that is illegal in the banking world, how can they keep their payment processor if they are indeed doing that? Have ccbill became that degenerate they will allow such behavior ?
  2. Groggy

    Groggy Member

    No, it's not true. There are some countries that are blocked, but I'm not sure which ones. (China is definitely blocked, but I think that's China's choice, not KT's.) The webmaster has a bad rep, and I get that, but he's also pretty responsive if you're ever unsure. Ask before signing up, but even if not, I'm pretty sure he'll give you your money back if that were to happen. It is illegal to keep your money, and he's not into that.
  3. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Is her site still active with new material?
  4. turboner

    turboner Member

    yes, although the updates have slowed down to what they used to be, she used to post a new picture set and a new video ever week, now it almost a week before she puts out one update, its just not as consistent as she used to be.
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  5. daltex1

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    I don't she really does anymore camming either , haven't noticed her on AngelsnBabes in quite some ti,e.
  6. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    well if anyone comes across a site that has her video's posted send me a PM. Thanks
  7. timarcheleta

    timarcheleta New Member

    Is the recent video thats been leaked possibly her or has it been debunked its not her?

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