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Christina Model Updates


Global Moderator
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Sorry folks I tried to drop a few posts from the thread and deleted it instead. Sorry guys there were a lot of good posts in it. Forgive me.


keeper31;6251330 said:
Sorry folks I tried to drop a few posts from the thread and deleted it instead. Sorry guys there were a lot of good posts in it. Forgive me.
i did the same thing. i figured out u cant delete the 1st post. luckily S-TYPE was logged in and i ask him to restore it. took about 4 mins from request to restore, so...whew.

keeper31;6252034 said:
Then I will have to fall on my sword.
have Christina fall on ur sword, ;) i bet ur gonna like that much better. hehe


Marco;6251360 said:
I'm reposting this GIF to keep everyone focused:

uuuuumm...what did u say?


agnios;6260166 said:
so... we get a new video yet?
Nope. Doesnt Look good boys! Way over a month since the last crappy update, Christinamodel.com lashing out at its most loyal fans......Complete silence and overt Lies about reasonings for there being no updates. As well as Christina not knowing whats going on?

Sounds like the unfortunate perfect storm for an extreme deterioration of this aged and loved site. I like to be positive but Fuck me. The website could have at least come on here and tried to reason or give some explanation of what is going on...that would have been the logical thing to do. But instead to come on here and throw a shit fit like a child!?!



Moderator CM;6260240 said:
Sets 1344 & 1345 are up, you can tell they are from different shoots as she looks better in sets 1345. She took set 1344 sick and I am sure it's fuckwads doing not Christina for errors on her site. She literally just goes to photo shoots and sends in the videos and everything is taken care of, I know this for a fact.
Both sets were taken at the same time and in the same house. The difference is one set was processed better than the other. Also, these pic sets were taken in Dec 2013, which was before her surgery this year.

You are correct in your statement that the pics and vids are done separately. This has been the case for some time now


The front page hasn't been updated, even though two sets have been posted. Looks like the webby has 'a cunning plan' to root out non-member complaints...


LOL. such a ridiculous crock of shit.

They should start charging per video instead of memberships. Because if you stay on as a member anymore you're an idiot.
If they came up with not shit videos and updated then that would be one thing. But this is beyond sub par service. Imagine if all businesses ran like ChirstinaModel.com? All hell would break loose. If they get people dropping like flies, not paying anymore that that suits them and the type of business they run.