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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by keeper31, May 17, 2014.

  1. kingkrown

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    Does anyone have the release dates for the HD and classic videos?
    I am trying to organize old files by date.

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  2. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    All of this talk about DVD #70 reminded me that I have the actual DVD still so I popped it in for a nostalgic watch. I forgot about this moment when Chuck missed out on an epic nip slip due to being zoomed in on her face. What could have been...


    Her terrified reaction is pretty funny and dulls some of the pain from being deprived such a great view, at least. Oh well, perhaps someone can make a gif of it for posterity.
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  3. chroniclvr

    chroniclvr Member

    Indeed VonRaschke, that would have been "The Best" nip slip of her's to ever be captured on film, it's almost like he knew it was coming and just missed out on it, god bless that fan though lol, anywhoo I would like to entitle this moment as "Divine Wind"
  4. CluckCluckBoom

    CluckCluckBoom New Member

    To those of you with the original DVDs, I am extremely jealous. Sharing is caring you know :*(
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  5. pervedfriend

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    This is a Great clip in more ways than one. Its nice to watch first. Second - This clip helps back a good a longtime argument. Correct me if I'm wrong on this. I believe this video was taken back when Christina film both the video and created the still photo sets at the same time. So even though the douche video guy misses the amazing slip here, whats the chance the still photo person who was probably shooting from a different angle didn't get at least on frame of Christina Perfect boobs during this slip? Which brings me back to my point of lost material that the webmaster said hit the cutting room floor and then subsequently was destroyed. This is one video of many that now has produce two major slip that we know of. So how many other slip were there for real i ask that had to have been caught on film?
    This is the first slip in this same outfit.
    One outfit, two major slips. There has to be more. Someone Please share !
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  6. chroniclvr

    chroniclvr Member

    This particular slip is from DVD#81, where our lovely Christina begins to feel her right nipple getting a little too close to being exposed, so she adjusts her top, but in the act of doing this, she instead reveals her left nipple and doesn't even notice it, in fact it stays exposed until she retreats to her sheer curtain changing room. So I guess the old saying is true, "when god covers one nipple, he reveals another".
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  7. Lazarus

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    haha, good one.
  8. chroniclvr

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  9. sleazoid

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  10. chroniclvr

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    Sorry about that man, and no I set them to "public", not "premium only", but I guess they are just still too big for non premium users.
  11. chroniclvr

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  12. theunderkin

    theunderkin Member

    Has anyone done a compilation from her camshows? She did some great count-down-to-cum stuff towards the end there. From what I recall she did her first no underwear doggie shot in a camshow too.
  13. jonlight07

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  14. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    Just another fan. Her "real" one is Christinamodel7, but she hasn't used that one since last year. I think she's truly off the grid and busy raising her kid.
  15. Marco

    Marco Member

    Are you talking about webcast 25 from Dec. 1, 2009?

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  16. papp

    papp Member

    I miss her :(

    Is there video of her saying anything as hot as on cbigd.avi when she said, "you wanna fuck me? -- I want you to fuck me" ??
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  17. Marco

    Marco Member

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  18. theunderkin

    theunderkin Member

    @Marco I was referring to Cam 11 from July 2, 2009. starting around 45 min. All she's wearing is a red and blue mini skirt. Bends over with her ass to the camera and shakes it, all the while her skirt rides up her ass giving us a low definition shot from behind.
  19. CluckCluckBoom

    CluckCluckBoom New Member

    In regards to Modelshrek's post and subsequent closure of the misc DVD thread. The sense is that it is better image quality. Sure the files are larger but the image quality is leagues better than the overly compressed .wmv files you find all over the web. Bad compression, maybe but when files are compressed the data doesn't just magically get smaller, it gets lost. Original iso/vob/mpeg2 is the highest possible quality these videos could possibly be shared at. Why exactly would you be against it?
  20. VonRaschke

    VonRaschke Member

    That was an amazing show. Shame the lighting was so bad for it, that along with it being a non-HD steeam made the snatch shots pretty hard to see clearly.
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