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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by keeper31, May 17, 2014.

  1. Marco

    Marco Member

    OK. I didn't realize the destructive Jeff from several years who was described as a "leech and a cancer" is the current Jeff P. who is the father of her baby. WTF? Is that fact?

    OK pervedfriend if Christina is not a sexual freak (piercings, including clit hood suggest this is a distinct possibility) then she at least has some serious issues. Wish she made better decisions. But is Jeff P. going to settle for no website income for very long? When is that going to explode?
  2. danni32ff

    danni32ff Member

    I thought you knew this??
    She has been with Jeff P. for some time now and hooked up with him a couple of years (roughly) after she got her divorce. Even though she was on/off with Jeff at the beginning, because of his drinking/drug issues, she did eventually get back with him and has started a family with him. She has had one kid with him and another way is due around the first of the new year. This will be his 3rd kid (that I know of) with two different women.

    As far as that B.S. story about Jeff from Chucky P., that someone re-posted, about the only thing that is true is he did treat her bad off/on (beat her up, talked bad about her, etc...). Heck, christina even left him for awhile (that is when she hooked up with Brian M.) and took him to court because he beat her up several times. She would drop the charges against him in the end. Sicilian, don't you remember the black eye she had in one or two of the cams that she tried to cover up with make-up? or the cam she had to end abruptly because someone was right there in the room while she was camming (I think she had a yellow outfit on)? That was Jeff.

    I don't know if this dude got his act together or not, or if he was one of the many reasons that the website no longer exist and she may be done for good. But that is a summary of the story of Jeff and in the end she is with him and has started a family with him. If she leaves the guy or starts or own website, I guess we'll just have to stand-by and see or personally move on to another model.
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  3. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    guys please understand what I posted is from Charles and I cant be 100% sure if or any thing that he says is fact. I just reposted what was already posted as alleged public knowledge ..
  4. Marco

    Marco Member

    Thanks for clarifying that danni32ff. I heard various things suggested or implied but I didn't put it all together.

    And, yes, you cannot trust everything Charles has said in the past. But I think you can deduce that the earlier situation was probably not the best one for Christina or for the website's business.
  5. danni32ff

    danni32ff Member

    Yeah, I know you're reposting what her "Management" has stated on her website and on the other models website for years. Most people have accepted it as the gospel, because they didn't know what else to believe or take a few minutes to really figure things or out search things out with a few clicks of a mouse. No harm or foul on your part. The only thing that is funny has how Christina would try to play along, she couldn't bite the hand that controlled her, and would constantly stumble in her story telling. A lot of people didn't catch on to how she would fumble over the years (i.e. during her cam shows or tweets) trying to keep the story straight the way her "Management" explained things and the way she did. Then again she was messed up with a lot of partying, drinking, drugging, so I can see how she couldn't keep things straight over the years.
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  6. sicilian

    sicilian Elite

    Thanks I think I saw this guy in pics you or someone posted with her at her 25th birthday party in Orlando.I think the next guy was from GA I know she lived there for a bit and the Brian guy was the one with the effeminate voice in the background in some early 2011 videos.

    This is a shame I don't know why such a pretty and based on what we see of her sweet girl would be involved with a woman beater truly disgusting and based on the pic he was nothing but average anyway.I doubt this marriage will last and he may drain her of any money she has.If she's smart she will stay in shape and make a comeback when he eventually leaves her broke with two kids.
  7. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    Brian was an OK guy and actually supported her when asshole admin chuck was screwing her over, he cut her pay 1/2!
    She was stuck in a contract and Brian wanted her to get on her own supporting any decision she made.
    Jeff on the other hand would make posts about Kush/weed and seemed a bit shady when Brian was straight guy.
    Weird she is such beautiful girl and don't understand how she has such low self esteem but she does. I hope to see her back especially those boobs with a baby on the way would look outrageous~ I wish her the best but would like to see her again as I still do think she #1 in my books.
  8. Priest

    Priest Member

    Lets just hope she lives happily ever after. If she decides to come back to modeling then great.
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  9. Marco

    Marco Member

    Decided I should liven things up a little by completing that clip from "HD X Yellow." Dirty Christina continues to grind her ass and slide up and down that dildo for your viewing pleasure:

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  10. sleazoid

    sleazoid Member

    I wonder if she understood what the suction cup on the bottom of those things are for...
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  11. Marco

    Marco Member

    Yes, I think she understands that it is something she can wrap her fingers around if the dildo gets too far up inside her! ;)
  12. Alowishis

    Alowishis New Member

    Woweee is that video available anymore?
  13. sicilian

    sicilian Elite

    damm her pussy really grips that thing.
  14. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    Great one Marco :) But I think you have to prove your point again with one more GIF :p
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  15. Marco

    Marco Member

    Time to shake things up again. Returning to the treasure trove of "HD - X Yellow." Towards the end of the video Christina decides to slap her pussy for me. As her hand rises up you get a glimpse of her pussy. Not great quality, but worth a look!


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Marco, My monthly Christina fix. What would she be doing now if she hadn't quit?
  17. Marco

    Marco Member

    I hope Christina is doing OK. Her lack of Tweets seems to indicate she has moved on. Over a month since the last one around her birthday and nearly six months of silence before that one. I'm surprised she even bothered to say anything around her birthday. It would take her sixty seconds to take a selfie and post it to Twitter. I think she has nearly lost the urge to connect and show herself.

    I will, however, say that that last year or so (2013-2014) had some real good videos. The lighting wasn't always good and there were other issues, but I think we saw more of a sexual Christina. She opened her legs more, let the camera see more, talked dirty several times, jammed some pretty big dildos into her pussy and rubbed out a lot of orgasms. As other have said, it was a long progression over 10 years, but I am satisfied that she put out for me. Would I like to see her suck a cock and take a load in her face? You bet! But I will survive without it...
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  18. Marco

    Marco Member

    So, unless someone makes me stop, I will keep mining the treasure trove found in "HD - X Yellow." This is the sequence where Christina is rubbing her sweet pussy and then decides to slide in a finger:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  19. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    The first time I saw this I stared so hard and long my eyes started to hurt. Excellent Marco, thanks.

    By the way I think she is going to post a Girl/Girl strapon vid with anal next week.
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  20. whipped

    whipped Member

    posting where? i thought she retired
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