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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by keeper31, May 17, 2014.

  1. danni32ff

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    You're correct. Plus she will be busy now that she is pregnant with her 2nd one which should arrive the first part of 2016 unless she has another preemie like her first one
  2. Marco

    Marco Member

    It appears Christina is taking Mother's Day very seriously and is doubling down on the baby situation. In honor of Christina and her last video (AUG14P4) a GIF featuring her Mommy Knockers:

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  3. pervedfriend

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    So this may be a stupid question, but i'm asking anyway. If by some chance Christina by the grace of God decides to model again and open a new site how will we know this? I would assume Christine can't use the name Christina Model anymore to name a new website?

    I just saw the post above after i posted this question that Christina is pregnant again. Well if she is having another baby i would think she is done for sure. It makes me sad. I guess all we can do is wish her well with her new family.
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  4. Marco

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    I think that Christina probably has got some people telling her to just be a mother and stop doing the "modeling" work. It seems pretty clear the webmaster had enough and decided that not only should he retire but that she should retire. In theory she is half owner of the domain but that domain is registered until August 2016 and there is absolutely nothing there. Why not have an archive site or a placeholder for a future site? Or anything that might generate a little revenue? I think there are other indications that they are attempting to bury that chapter of her life and move on. That isn't good news for her fans. However, she did tweet that she had some content for a new site in October, so maybe that will turn up one day. But no tweets since November is a bad sign for now. Anyway, there is still a ton of original content to watch and find entertaining again. Seeing some of the original DVD's was also really good for me. Thanks to everyone who shared something!
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  5. jonlight07

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    Sadly I think Marco is correct. It would not take much to have a placeholder and place some content up to keep the site up or even bring in some money. Sadly it does appear the days of Christina Model are over, but who knows maybe she will prove us all wrong - but sort of doubt it.
  6. sleazoid

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    It seems that the 2nd pregnancy was a surprise, so it seems very doubtful that she was ever planning a comeback.
  7. Marco

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    Yesterday was Christina's birthday! Did you get her anything? No? I suppose that's OK because she didn't get you anything either.

    However, I got a little something to celebrate naughty Christina taken from her video "HD X Yellow."

    Remember how she really wanted to take that dildo deep?


    I mean doggy style, balls deep to her asshole:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So, celebrate the day that naughty Christina was born!

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  8. pervedfriend

    pervedfriend Member

    Marco once again Great job!
    I have said it before, looking at pictures and gif's of Christina like this are so much better when i keep in mind that this is the same Christina years ago that would not even show her boobs and her she is on all fours with an 8 inch dildo balls deep in herself from behind. Again Great stuff!
    Christina Please come back!

    I would really be interested in knowing what others think or even if anyone here personally knows about Christina and if she was or was not a bit of a slut in her day?

    Not that it means anything, but Christina does have a bit of a sloppy looking pussy. I realize a lot of sex doesn't have to translate into having a loose pussy. And in Christinas case she always did have a hard time getting that dildo inside her. because i'm strange like that I also did a google search and read that frequent anal sex or dildo anal penetration can contribute to Hemorrhoids. Sorry to point it out on Christina but it does kinda look like she has quit a large Hemorrhoid on her asshole in this gif. Again this could be because Christina could suffer from constipation too. Sorry if this sounds to creepy. just felt the need to put it out there.
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  9. First post in 7 months

    Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!!!

    9:46 AM - 17 May 2015
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  10. theunderkin

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    A drop of hope!
  11. Sproket560

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    I don't follow the logic in that comment. You doubt she was ever planning a comeback because she was having sex?
  12. sleazoid

    sleazoid Member

    After I posted and re-read it I could've stated it better.

    My thought is that if she were serious about coming back then she'd be trying to whip herself into shape and definitely would be mindful of avoiding another pregnancy. But even the best methods aren't foolproof, so what do I know? It was just a thought. Having a kid is most definitely a life changer and I have to feel that we'll never see her naked again.
  13. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    im confused if she is retired and moved on with her life , why would she bother to tweet anything after not saying anything since thanksgiving. is she still on the fence about coming back and sent a tweet just 2 let fans know that shes not out of the game just yet?
  14. danni32ff

    danni32ff Member

    She is sitting at home raising one kid and is pregnant with her 2nd. She has plenty of time on her hands (really has since she was a teenage model) and got bored. So she went online to see if anyone left her tweets and decided to Thank people for the B-Day wishes. She still wants to know if she has a following. Not really sure if she is trying to convince her "Husband" (aka the girlfriend beater and cam disruptor) that she could still put up a website or just got bored and decided to tweet. I guess time will tell all.
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  15. danni32ff

    danni32ff Member

    I don't think you really want to go down that path of wanting to know if she was a freak. You're gonna open up a lot and people will either agree, dispute, or have a different opinion about her if such things are shared.
  16. pervedfriend

    pervedfriend Member

    DANNI32FF, actually i would like some good insight on the question. I don't want to push into Christina's personal life. but i would hope to get some respectful mature answers. Like many I followed Christina for pretty much the whole ride. It sucks that she is not around anymore.
    IMO, If she is having another child, it would be hard to imagine ever seeing her model again. It would really be to long away from modeling for a comeback. An odd point to go along with Christina having two babies. Im not sure if Christina is going the C section route to have her babies or natural birth way. If it's both the natural birth well..... I seem to remember Christina my have had an issue with the look of her kitty kat in the past. I would worry after two babies Christina may be need some help getting things tightened up down there.
  17. sicilian

    sicilian Elite

    curious about the girlfriend beater comment,has her boyfriend beaten her? How would anyone who doesn't personally know him or her know this ?
  18. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    this was posted on her site in feb of 2011 when she took a cam show break .....Some of you know that a guy named Jeff has been living in Christina's House. They were once a couple but he started to get abusive and she had been trying to get him out of the house. This is not simple in Florida even though he didn't pay any rent or any of the bills. He is a complete leech and a cancer on women. He has a felony assault arrest and did something that prevents him from driving a car in Florida. Christina's dad moved her out about a week ago. They went back today, to do the webcam, and move all of her things back home. Upon entering they found the place trashed and the webcam computer smashed.

    Of course, there will be no webcam tonight. Also, since most people know where her parents live, Christina is moving to a small town where she has a good friend from high school. There is NO broadband in this town and Hughes Net doesn't have a fast enough upload speed for the webcam. She will be in hiding for a few months. Webcam shows will resume when it is possible.

    We know this is going to upset some members but we hope you will be patient and understanding. Remember, we didn't have a webcam for over eight years and even though we spent about $12,000 adding the webcam we didn't raise our membership fee.

    Extra Movies:

    Remember, Christina lives 1,200 miles from the rest of the CM team. We can't run next door and get a movie at anytime. We do have a HD movie that was not going to be used. This movie will be posted this month as an extra movie. Each month, without a webcam, an older movie from many years ago will be posted. The older movies are SD and were never digitized.

  19. Tannenbaum

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    Can't believe she is still doing what she does.

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