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Christina Model Updates

Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by keeper31, May 17, 2014.

  1. voyeurkind

    voyeurkind Member

    Does she have a new Twitter feed? I've been following christinamodel7, but I noticed a christinamodel8 today.
  2. jonlight07

    jonlight07 New Member

    as far as i know the christinamodel8 is a tribute profile and ran by a fan
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  3. Marco

    Marco Member

    Haven't posted anything on Christina for a while. Christinamodel7 was her last public account on Twitter. She obviously has a private one somewhere as well as Facebook. She hasn't responded or posted in over a year on Christinamodel7. Her birthday came and went without an acknowledgement on that account. She seems to be completely retreating from her public model persona. But her content and legacy is all over the Internet. There really is no escaping it. I find it amazing how frequently I see her images and videos basically everywhere. Nobody is attempting to control her image or her content and everyone seems to be exploiting that fact. If she wanted to control her legacy or financial value of her image she has long ago missed that chance. It really is just another blown opportunity...

    So, let's continue with Christina's adventures in our own way. From the video "Indoor Red" Christina got pretty far away from the camera and back in the frame. But if you look closely it seems she let her vagina lips slip out from under the ever present vibrator and then she has some of her infamous pussy quivers:

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  4. LarryKing

    LarryKing Member

    Well I miss her too. There are a lot of pretty girls out there but no one comes even close to the magic that surrounded Christina. Maybe because she was one of the pioneers, she was at least one of the first internet girls I truly hooked on to. I'm not sure I would like her to do a come back, I think I want to remember her as she was, especially from her earlier days. Thanks Marco for your nice clips and gifs.
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  5. Marco

    Marco Member

    I was just attempting to look at a Christina video which I thought I had, but I cannot find it. I also could not find it on Kitty-Kats. The file name should be WebCamHD1.mpg but it could also be named HD-CAM1. At any rate, it was released in August 2008. The file should be 716 mb at 1280 x 720 and 18:16 min in length. Here's some screen shoots from the original website:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is an early HD video from Christina that I would like to find. The only links I could find are dead. A little help?
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  6. bigboy4752002

    bigboy4752002 Member

    I do have it, but I don't have a way to post it here. I did have a whalebyte account but it expired. I will try and reactivate it in a few days.
  7. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    See if I can hook you up but from another Fav :) Awesome!!!!!
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  8. B1189BW

    B1189BW New Member

    Which video do you think Christina had the most orgasims?
  9. hidee

    hidee Member

    Marco, are you still looking for that video?
  10. tdogjenkins

    tdogjenkins Member

    Which one is this?!' Nice!!
  11. theunderkin

    theunderkin Member

    This was a preview/first video, maybe going to HD? They did a funny photo edit on the image preview and drew a line over her arm to make it look like she was under her thong rather than over it.
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  12. pervedfriend

    pervedfriend Member

    Christinamodel makes me very happy! Christinamodel.com being closed for ever makes so sad. Just to see the new periodic posts here about Christina make me think how amazing Christina was and how here website would look if she was still modeling.
    For so long I always thought no guy is good enough for Christina to do a boy/girl photo shoot together. I didn't want to see some idiot getting to sleep with Christina. Now I have changed my outlook about that very topic. I wonder again what would Christina's site be like if still running today. Would Christina be into Guy/Girl scenes by now? Well I know now I would definitely like to see it for sure. Maybe cause she has been gone for so long i'm not sure why the change of heart. Once in a while I look at her old video's, and when I see those amazing full boobs. Well I think about how nice they would look bouncing back and forth while Christina is on all fours taking it hard from behind. And Christina's gorgeous full ass cheeks jiggle ass she get it pounded into her each time. Well guess we will never know what that really looks like. Sorry for the rant, the thought of Christina brings it out of me all the time.

    I totally understand and appreciate Christina moving on and wanting her privacy. I think it is to bad that she couldn't have some sort of social media account that she could just post photos periodically, no messaging needed . I would really love to see what she looks like these days.
    Also to this day I still think Christina was pretty enough to make it in PlayBoy Magazine. The majority of celebrity women that made the cover are not super pretty. And in my opinion none of The Girls Next Door were no better looking than Christina.
    I Guess while I'm here there is one other thing. For a longtime I was under the understanding that in the very beginning it was Christina's parents themselves who were managing Christina's photo shoots and website. Does anyone know if any of that is true? Or if anyone could tell us more about that situation? Thank You!
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2016
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  13. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    From what I know it looks like she is very happy, 2 beautiful kids and guess her man makes her happy. Only money would be motivation for her to do so but bet the arsehole who was in charge the last time completely turned her off any comeback. She's still pretty with that same cute figure. To me she will always be #1
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  14. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    I Guess while I'm here there is one other thing. For a longtime I was under the understanding that in the very beginning it was Christina's parents themselves who were managing Christina's photo shoots and website. Does anyone know if any of that is true? Or if anyone could tell us more about that situation? Thank You!

    Her mother did have at start then Charles took over after Christina was creeped out by this dude. She told me he really freaked her out and she wanted to get out of it. I think the "Dippin" video and Pasadena Pictures was part of that
    [​IMG] Holy Fcuk she is spectacular in this picture!
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  15. Prelude97

    Prelude97 Member

    Wow. Ive never seen that Pic of her before. Fucking shit, shes got a great rack. Just spectacular all together!!
  16. sleazoid

    sleazoid Member

    Wow, who knew??? :p
  17. Marco

    Marco Member

    I inadvertently kicked off a new discussion about Christina! And then I hit the road and didn't see these messages.

    Anyway, I found the video in my stash. I didn't originally find it because it was sitting in a subfolder and was named webcmhd1.mpg. Not a lot of mpg files were released by the site. Thanks for the offers to supply it, but I have it now. Kitty-Kats still needs to post a copy of the movie.

    Moderator CM posted images from an early (not the first) HD movie which was split in two parts. They were HD-Sun-Bath and HD-Sun-Bath2. About 30 minutes in total.

    I am not sure which video Christina had the most orgasms. I've seen some where it is difficult to know for sure but she could have had several in at least some of them that I recall.

    I hear what you are saying pervedfriend. There will never be another Christina. It is not possible. She road the early wave of Internet teen tease models all the way into adult nudity over 13 years (2001-2014).

    Yes, Christina went out to California looking for fame and fortune. But she was already infamous and that was about as far as she would go...

    If I thought making a "pictures" company and contract with Christina would give me a shot with her, I would have tried the same thing! So, is that creepy?

  18. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    If I thought making a "pictures" company and contract with Christina would give me a shot with her, I would have tried the same thing! So, is that creepy?


    Christina called the GUY to tried to make it all happen CREEPY, maybe it could have happened but I talked to her in person and that's what she told me so she stopped cold turkey!
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  19. Marco

    Marco Member

    Just to clarify, I wasn't suggesting you were being inaccurate Moderator CM, just that perhaps Christina is/was more naïve than we thought. 19 year old girl with large breasts goes to SoCal seeking fame and fortune and talent manager is "creepy." I think that is going to happen 99.9999999 % of the time! Not saying it is right, just predictable. But let's also remember she did get some work while with Pasadena Pictures and had some sort of business arrangement between 2004-2006. So, it isn't like she immediately ended that relationship...

    I will stand by my earlier comments that I might also engage in some creepiness to get close to Christina's 19 year old tittes!

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  20. Sniper_Merc

    Sniper_Merc Member


    Just to throw a hockey wrench into the the discussion.
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  21. somebeach

    somebeach Member

    Beautiful hockey wrench thanks for the share
  22. Marco

    Marco Member

    Talking about 19 year old Christina made me decide to make a new GIF of 19 year old Christina. From Christina Model Video 68:

  23. rapper

    rapper Member

    A Big thanks Marco, you allways create the best GIF 'ts to share with us.
  24. Prelude97

    Prelude97 Member

    God damn. Marco your fucking videos really depress me sometimes. That video 68! Jesus christ.
    How can a girl have a rack that damn nice!? Please for the love of all that is Holy Come back Christina. Seriously. Enough of the bullshit. Come Back.
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  25. keeper31

    keeper31 Global Moderator Staff Member

    Marco not sure how many times I have thanked you over the years, Thanks again.
  26. Moderator CM

    Moderator CM Member

    Fuck MArco she is fucking amazing and she knows I would rather kiss her on the lips once than do ANYTHING WITH THE 2 SEXIEST WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD. She laughs but I still stand by it even now. If you pictured the most perfect woman in my mind it's Christina, hands down, talked a few times but never met and she seems like a genuine regular good women who just wants a family like she never had. If she never post again it sucks but happier for her. She should have had more success
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  27. Marco

    Marco Member

    Thanks for the comments! I feel people's agony and ecstasy. It is a funny situation. I am working on something else that will take a little while. People will either love or hate it. We'll see...

    I think the highlight for me in that time frame is video 64 and photoset 312. She really put it all out there. You can clearly see she has hard nipples and huge areolas. Not to mention her right breast is clearly much larger than the left!

  28. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    damn shame the old folks who ran her site made her take her nipple piercing out.
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  29. kingkrown

    kingkrown Member

    What nipple piercing?

    I do not recall seeing anything in any of her videos; but I could be wrong.
  30. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    she mentioned in 1 of her camshows she had them in early on in her career. in 1 of her early vids u can somewhat see it outlined on her t-shirt
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